Loulou by the Ocean

Bliss Haus now has a sister!! Her name is Loulou by the Ocean A stylishly restored Crofters cottage, contemporary living in a spacious light filled Highland escape. An alchemy of vintage & contemporary style giving a unique Caledonian Cool vibe. Revive, Relax and Restore to a soundtrack of the ocean. You don’t have to choose

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A bio what? The definitive guide to Wester Ross UNESCO Biosphere

The UNESCO Biosphere designation is an international recognition of the fantastic array of landscapes, wildlife, cultural heritage and learning opportunities that the NW Highlands offers for us all to celebrate and utilise in a sustainable way. Through collaboration, learning and a holistic view on connecting people with nature, Biospheres show that a sustainable way of

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Biophilic Design

There is a reason why human beings love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, rain on the roof or birdsong. A raft of research has confirmed that natural light, greenery and views of nature are good for us.

Something that we were really keen to incorporate inside Bliss haus was nature & the outside. We wanted to bring the calmness and happiness that you feel from being outdoors into our design and interiors.

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